We have changed our website from a retail site to an informational site.  Prices are still listed.   We found that the majority of our clients would look at the website and then call or e-mail us to discuss details of order they wish to place.   We encourage you to do the same. Nothing else on this site has changed and we are in the process of adding new products. 
 You may also visit our etsy site:  www.etsy.com/shop/hrt2handcreations 
where you may order on the site.  Not all our products are on etsy but you may certainly request a custom order for anything you might see on here. 
"Fine art does not have to hang on a wall or in a gallery "

Custom pet memorial boxes, pet treat jarswall calendars, wall and hand mirrors, furniture, basket lids, portraits, recipe boxes,tea boxes, trays, wooden plates, ACEO's



Thank you so much for stopping by.  Heart to Hand Creations specializes in custom-designed, custom-made and custom-painted functional art and gifts featuring portraits of people, pets, homes and scenes from your photographs.  Please take a few minutes to browse through the pages of our site to see the many examples of the orders we have filled over the past years.




                Pet Treat Jars and Lids                 


mind body paw


Wonder what to have painted on a gift item?  We offer GIFT ANNOUNCEMENTS which make perfect gifts.  Let the recipient choose what scene to have custom painted on the item you choose to give.

We are looking forward to working with you on your custom order. 



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